smoall- document management

Project management

Your projects in a few clicks !

Manage the multiple elements of your projects in Smoall.
A desk without Post-it is possible !

Project form

By centralizing all the elements of a project in the same form, you do not waste time searching for information anymore. You can then focus on planning, the operational tasks and your customer relationship.

smoall - project form
smoall - project pipeline

Operational pipeline

A client may have different projects that must be managed independently according to a simple and fast methodology. The pipelines of Smoall allow you to manage a multitude of projects in parallel. Customize the steps of your process and visualize the terms to hold your deadlines.

Profitability (soon)

Selling projects is good. But being profitable is even better! Do not lose track of profitability aspects by combining sales invoices, purchase invoices, as well as the time you spend on the project.

smoall - project pipeline
smoall- document management

Document management

There are sometimes a lot of documents linked to a project: signed contract, technical documents, pictures, …

Archive your documents directly in Smoall and synchronize them in the drive of your choice.

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Google drive - Smoall version
Icloud - Smoall version
Onedrive - Smoall version
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