Smoall - sales management

Sales management

Simple and effective sales management !

Find all the commercial information and generate offers in an instant.
Save time and boost your sales.

Customer portfolio

Who sells to whom ? Structure your customer database and establish responsibilities. Each salesman, manager or account manager will have a clearly defined scope. The performance of each can then be visualized and measured.

smoall - customer portfolio
smoall - commercial pipeline

Commercial pipeline

Where do you stand in your prospection ?

Whether in prospecting or sales phase, it is about working with order and method. Tracking charts allow you to track your leads or customers in established processes. At a glance, you will have a clear view of the situation.

Estimates Management

Send your estimates and offers in a few clicks. Follow the deadlines and easily organize commercial reminders. By keeping an eye on the history of offers by customer, you will never play “the third man” anymore.

smoall - quote
smoall - commercial follow-up

Sales performance monitoring

Do you know your commercial conversion rate? How many offers are accepted in relation to the number of estimates sent? Because you can only control what you can measure, Smoall allows you to easily analyze your business performance.